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Academic Catalog 2013-2014 
Academic Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Church Music Diploma

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The Church Music Diploma entails 38 hours of courses in a program of study offered through the College providing the equivalent of an undergraduate music major for students who have an undergraduate degree but did not pursue an undergraduate degree in music. Music credits from other institutions may be applied to this diploma if such courses correspond to those in this diploma. Upon completion of the diploma program, students are eligible to pursue the Master of Church Music degree in the Seminary.

At the time of admission, the student’s proficiency in music will be evaluated by the music faculty to assess readiness for entry into various components of the diploma program. In some instances, students will be able to bypass portions of the program via testing or transcript evidence of comparable achievement at some other institution.

Upon entrance into the program, the student will sing or play for the music faculty a piece of representative repertoire in his/her chosen performance skill area. An accompanist will be provided if necessary. This hearing is not an audition, per se; rather, it is an opportunity to demonstrate one’s level of accomplishment and competence in his/her chosen performance skill area.

During this initial orientation period, students will also demonstrate piano proficiency (vocal and instrumental students) and vocal proficiency (keyboard and instrumental students). Music students are required to be enrolled in Piano Class (MUS 1534 -MUS 1535 )or private piano study until piano proficiency is passed. Keyboard and instrumental students not prepared to meet the vocal proficiency requirement upon entrance to the program are required immediately to enroll in Voice Class (MUS 1530 -MUS 1531 ) and remain enrolled until the proficiency requirement is met.

Church Music Diploma students may bypass via testing 17 hours of Structure in Music courses, 4 hours of Music History and Literature courses, 2 hours of Conducting courses, 5 hours of Applied Music Study, and 4 hours of Secondary Applied. This coursework must be completed prior to taking any graduate level music courses. As a part of applied study in voice/organ/keyboard/instrumental, each student will present a recital. In addition to piano and vocal proficiency, all Church Music Diploma students must complete a sight-singing/ear-training proficiency. Further information about the recital and proficiency requirements are available in the “Handbook for Church Music Students” issued during orientation and available at any time upon student request.

Structure of Music - 17 Hours

After passing the Pre-College Music Theory Test, the student is eligible to take the Music Theory I & II Tests in succession. Placement in the Music Theory sequence is based on the results of these tests. Those students whose Pre-College Music Theory Test results indicate a need for remediation will be required to complete a programmed music theory test prior to enrollment in MUS 0010 . Students who achieve criterion score level I on the Music Theory I placement test are not required to take MUS 0010 . Students who achieve criterion score level II on the Music Theory I placement test are not required to take MUS 1501 . Students who pass Music Theory II placement test are not required to take MUS 1503 . In each case, the student bypasses the course via placement exam success.

Music History and Literature - 4 Hours


Students take Music History tests I and II. Achievement of criterion score (70%) allows the student to bypass either or both of these classes.

Conducting/Applied Study - 17 semester hrs.

Participate in one or more of the following ensembles, for a total of four credit hours:

Selectives - Applied Study (5 semesters at one hour per semester) - 5 Hours

Selectives - Secondary Applied - 4 Hours

Vocal and Instrumental majors:

MUS 1534 MUS 1535  Piano Class (1 semester hour each) must be taken until piano proficiency is completed. These students may take private study keyboard or another instrument for credit after proficiency is completed to fulfill the rest of these hours.

Keyboard majors:

MUS 1530 MUS 1531  Voice Class (2 semester hours each) must be taken until proficiency is completed. Students may take private study voice or other instrument for credit after proficiency is completed to fulfill the rest of these hours.

Selectives - Performance Specific Selectives - 2 Hours

MUS 1532  and MUS 1533  Vocal Diction for voice majors, MUS 3515  Keyboard Literature for keyboard majors, MUS 3516  Instrumental Literature for instrumental major

Total Hours - 38

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