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Academic Catalog
    May 19, 2024  
Academic Catalog - Spring 2022 
Academic Catalog - Spring 2022 [ARCHIVED]

Graduate Certificate Policies

Who is eligible to be admitted into a Grad Cert?

  • Graduate Certificates are only for students not pursuing a graduate degree. A Graduate Certificate and a Graduate Degree cannot be pursued simultaneously.
  • If a student has completed a Graduate Certificate and wants to count those courses toward a Graduate Degree, the student must pay the tuition difference for the courses.
  • Students interested in pursuing a Graduate Certificate should apply for admission into the Graduate Certificate.
  • All Graduate Certificate students will register for courses using the Graduate Certificate Course Registration Form. A separate form will need to be submitted for each course.
  • A prerequisite to entrance into any Grad Cert is a baccalaureate degree from a college or university accredited by a recognized regional or national professional accrediting agency. Graduates of colleges and universities located outside the United States and other applicants will be considered on an individual basis.

What is the cost of a Grad Cert?

  • Graduate Certificate courses are $300 per course (total of $1,200 for the full Grad Cert).

Can Grad Cert credits be leveled into a degree program?

  • Graduate Certificates can be used as credit toward a graduate degree if students pay the tuition difference and if the specific course(s) are applicable toward the graduate degree in which the student is admitted.
  • Graduate Certificate courses cannot be used as leveling coursework to fulfill advanced degree admission requirements. Students who wish to take leveling coursework to fulfill advanced degree admissions requirements will need to apply as a Credit Only student to take the appropriate courses.

How do students register for Grad Cert courses?

  • Students are able to request registration for courses through the Graduate Certificate Course Registration Form. Submissions are sent to the Assistant Registrar for Graduate Studies who will verify the submission and, if approved, will register the student in the course.
  • Graduate Certificate students are subject to the same Add/Drop deadlines as all other students. Registration for Graduate Certificate students will not begin until registration for other degree programs has already opened (i.e., the end of Registration Week).
  • Graduate Certificate students are only eligible to take courses that apply toward the specific Graduate Certificate in which they are enrolled.

Can I receive a transcript for my Grad Cert?

  • Yes. Students who complete a Grad Cert are able to receive their Graduate Certificate transcript in the same way that all SEBTS students request transcripts.