Mar 29, 2023  
Academic Catalog - Spring 2015 
Academic Catalog - Spring 2015 [ARCHIVED]

SEBTS Housing Information

Important Information Before Applying For Housing

An Occupant Fee of $200 for singles and $300 for families is required at the time of check in.

Rent for a given month is due on the first day of that month and is considered late if not paid by the 10th of the month, without demand or notice, at Accounting Services in Stealey Hall.

All students who desire to live in campus housing must sign a Housing Agreement and a statement agreeing to abide by the housing policies and regulations before moving into housing. For each calendar year there are two termination dates for the Housing Agreements, May 31st or December 31st. Month-to-Month Housing Agreements are available at a higher rent rate.

No pets are permitted in housing except in designated pet-friendly apartments. The Housing Office has more information regarding pet policies.

Housing Assignments

Housing assignments are made approximately four to six weeks before the move-in date indicated on the housing application. The Housing Office will send an email offer based on available housing options. Applicants will be given their new address when the assignment is made.

Campus Housing Fees

(monthly rates except for commuter and occupant)

Occupant Fee for Singles $200
Occupant Fee for Family Housing $300
Single Housing  
Dormitory Housing (includes utilities)  
Goldston Dorm Semi-Private $239
Lolley Dorm/Shaw House: Semi-Private $239
  Private (very limited availability) $309
Dorm-Style Housing (includes utilities)  
McDowell: Semi-Private $239
Flat Rate Apartments  
Flaherty Farms: 2 Bedroom - Semi-Private $304
  2 Bedroom - Semi-Private Furnished $328
  2 Bedroom - Private $465
  3 Bedroom - Private $383
McDowell: 2 Bedroom - Private Front Room $432
  2 Bedroom - Private Back Room $369
West Oak: 2 Bedroom - Private $413
Goldston Hall: 2 Bedroom Semi-Private $304
Family Housing  
Bostwick (includes utilities): 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath $720
Duplex: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath $511
  2 Bedroom, 1 Bath $606
  3 Bedroom, 2 Bath $621
Fletcher Village Townhouses: 2 Bedroom, 1½ Bath $749
  3 Bedroom, 2½ Bath $776
Flaherty Farms: 2 Bedroom-Small, 2 Bath $665
  2 Bedroom-Large, 2 Bath $726
  3 Bedroom, 2 Bath $755
McDowell Townhouses: 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath $606
  3 Bedroom, 2 Bath $621
  4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, $814
West Oak (washer/dryer included): 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath $726
Commuter Housing (Daily Rates):  
Single Female Commuter Housing $43
Single Male Commuter Housing $44
Family Commuter Housing $53