May 28, 2023  
Academic Catalog - Spring 2020 
Academic Catalog - Spring 2020 [ARCHIVED]

PhD in Biblical Studies with a Concentration in New Testament

Note: IND 9400 - Specialized Ph.D. Research  may be substituted for one of the major seminars.

PhD Research Seminars - 24 Hours

NOTE: Students must demonstrate proficiency in one research language before beginning their fifth seminar.

Greek Selectives (9)

Select three seminars with the following prefix:

  • GRK9***

New Testament Selective (3)

Select one seminar with the following prefix:

  • NTS9***

Old Testament Selectives (6)

Select two seminars with the following prefixes*:

  • OTS9***
  • HEB9***

*Note: BBG 9610 - Septuagint  can be used to fulfill this requirement.

PhD Mentor Directed Studies - 6 Hours

PhD Comprehensive Exams - 4 Hours

NOTE: Students must demonstrate proficiency in their second research language before beginning sitting for comprehensive exams.

PhD Prospectus and Dissertation - 18 Hours

Total - 60 hours