Aug 10, 2022  
Academic Catalog - Spring 2022 
Academic Catalog - Spring 2022 [ARCHIVED]

Associate of Arts, A.A.⁺

The Associate of Arts degree is a College program that provides students with a foundation for theological studies. The program is designed as a two-year college transfer program, and it is ideal to train informed lay leadership in the local church. Students planning to transfer these credits should consult the institution to which they intend to transfer in order to determine admission and transfer requirements.

A.A. Core - 40 Hours

English (6)

History of Ideas (12)

Western Civilization (6)


Choose one of the following courses:

Christian Studies - 24 Hours

Christian Studies Requirements (21)

Book Study Selective (3)

Choose one of the following courses:

Electives - 3 Hours

  • Choose any three hours of undergraduate courses.

Total - 67 Hours