Jun 05, 2023  
Academic Catalog - Spring 2022 
Academic Catalog - Spring 2022 [ARCHIVED]

Bachelor of Arts with Christian Studies Minor

All Bachelor of Arts students at The College at Southeastern complete a minor in Christian Studies in addition to their major(s) and any additional minor(s). The Core Curriculum is composed of two elements: General Studies and Christian Studies minor. Majors are available in Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, English, Global Studies, History, History (Pre-Law track), Interdisciplinary Studies, Humanities, Justice and Social Ethics, Pastoral Ministry, Philosophy, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Student Ministry, Theology, and Worship Ministry. Minors are available in Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Business, English, English as a Second Language (ESL), Global Studies, History, Humanities, Justice and Social Ethics, Missions, Music, Organizational Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Psychology, Student Ministry, Theology and Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications. The requirements for each of these majors and minors are listed below.

B.A. Core - 49 Hours

General Studies (16)

History of Ideas (12)

Western Civilization (6)

Math/Science (3)

Choose one of the following courses:

B.A. Language Options - 6 Hours

Choose one pair of the following courses:

Latin (6)

Spanish (6)

B.A. Christian Studies Minor - 24 Hours

Christian Studies Requirements (21)

Book Study Selective (3)

Choose one of the following courses:

Major - 30 hours

Each student must select a major from those offered by The College at Southeastern. Current majors include:

Biblical Studies  
Christian Counseling  
Global Studies⁺  
History (Pre-Law)   
Elementary Education (MAT Track)  
Justice and Social Ethics  
Pastoral Ministry⁺  
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics  
Social Studies  
Student Ministry  
Worship Ministry  

B.A. General Electives - 18 Hours

In addition to a selected major and a Christian Studies minor, all baccalaureate students must complete at least 18 hours in additional courses, which may be applied toward a second major or a second minor. In order to graduate, baccalaureate students must complete at least 127 credit hours. Any hours remaining after the student’s major and the Christian Studies minor may be used as free electives.

Total Hours - 127