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Academic Catalog - Fall 2022 
Academic Catalog - Fall 2022 [ARCHIVED]

PhD in Biblical Studies

The PhD in Biblical Studies is designed for pastors and teachers who intend to teach biblical studies in liberal arts colleges and universities, churches, and majority world academic or ecclesial contexts. It offers expertise in the Bible (Old and New Testaments) and biblical theology while providing concentration in one of the fields of Old Testament, New Testament, or Biblical Theology. The concentration the student chooses generally coincides with the focus of his or her dissertation.

  • Students in the New Testament concentration must take 4 NTS/GRK seminars (3 of which must be exegesis seminars); 2 OTS/HEB seminars; 2 Biblical Theology seminars*
  • Students in the Old Testament concentration must take 4 OTS/HEB seminars (3 of which must be exegesis seminars); 2 NTS/GRK seminars; 2 Biblical Theology seminars*
  • Students in the Biblical Theology concentration must take 4 Biblical Theology seminars*; 2 NTS/GRK seminars; 2 OTS/HEB seminar

*Allowed Biblical Theology seminars include BTI 9700 - Seminar in Biblical Theology OTS 9700 - Seminar in Old Testament Theology NTS 9700 - New Testament Theology , and BTI 9600 - Seminar in Biblical Hermeneutics 

Note: IND 9400 - Specialized PhD Research  may be substituted for one of the major seminars.

PhD Program Summary


PhD Seminars - 24 Hours

NOTE: Students must demonstrate proficiency in one research language before beginning their fifth seminar.

  • ***9*** - 8 Doctoral Seminars - 24 semester hr(s). At least 4 must be taken within the student’s concentration.

PhD Mentor Directed Studies - 6 Hours

PhD Comprehensive Exams - 4 Hours

NOTE: Students must demonstrate proficiency in their second research language before beginning sitting for comprehensive exams.

PhD Prospectus and Dissertation - 18 Hours

Total - 60 Hours