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Academic Catalog - Fall 2022 
Academic Catalog - Fall 2022 [ARCHIVED]

PhD in Christian Counseling

The Christian Counseling PhD is designed for counselors, pastors, and educators who are seeking advanced scholarship and practical competence in biblical counseling. The degree provides advanced study in biblical psychology, is grounded in a commitment to the authority of Scripture, a theological anthropology and is devoted to the development of practical skills in counseling. The student will critically interact with contemporary developments in Christian counseling and selected psychotherapies. A modified residency format allows for students already established in their vocation to pursue the highest level academic degree while remaining in their current context.

Admissions Requirements:

In addition to the regular PhD requirements, students must have earned a master’s degree in biblical counseling from an accredited institution.

Students must have six hours of either Greek or Hebrew. However, students may apply for an exemption from having the biblical languages as a prerequisite for admission. To be granted this exemption, the applicant must submit a petition to the Office of PhD Studies affirming that they do not intend to use extensive biblical exegesis in the course of the research. Should the applicant’s research interests change in their course of study, the Office of PhD Studies reserves the right to require them to complete graduate-level study of either Greek or Hebrew before passing a prospectus.

While applicants may be exempt from the prerequisite biblical language requirement, they must still meet the minimum hour marks for admission-a minimum of 49 hours taken at the graduate level, and a minimum of 60 hours combined graduate and undergraduate coursework counted toward their admission requirement.

PhD Research Seminars - 24 Hours

NOTE: Students must demonstrate proficiency in one research language before beginning their fifth seminar.

Each PhD student will carry 3-5 counseling clients throughout their “residency” (seminar) semesters, and conduct at least 3 sessions per week. Supervision will be provided by their reading seminar professor(s) during year one and by their mentor in year two. In addition, counseling cases will be discussed in every seminar, as they pertain to the seminar topic. Students are encouraged to continue counseling and supervision through their mentor during the “candidacy” (dissertation) as much as is feasible.

PhD Mentor Directed Studies - 6 Hours

PhD Comprehensive Exams - 4 Hours

NOTE: Students must demonstrate proficiency in their second research language before beginning sitting for comprehensive exams.

PhD Prospectus and Dissertation - 18 Hours

Total - 60 Hours