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Academic Catalog - Fall 2019 
Academic Catalog - Fall 2019 [ARCHIVED]

Bachelor of Science with Vocational Electives or Business Minor

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The Bachelor of Science degree is composed of a Core Curriculum (37 hours), a major (45 hours), and vocational electives or business minor* (45 hours; see below for details) for a total of 127 hours. Majors include Biblical Studies, Christian Ethics, Christian Worldview & Apologetics, Global Studies, Pastoral Ministry, and Student Ministry. The requirements for each of these majors are listed below in the degree requirements.

*All Bachelor of Science students at The College at Southeastern are required to either: (1) transfer into The College at Southeastern with a “tent-making” A.A./A.S. degree from a community college; (2) dual enroll at The College at Southeastern and a community college in order to receive theological and vocational training at the same time; students must provide documentation from the community college outlining the vocational degree or certification requirements they will be pursuing; (3) complete the The College at Southeastern Business Minor  or Entrepreneurship Minor  and satisfy the remaining hours with free electives; (4) transfer credits from an approved external partnership with The College at Southeastern.

Students who transfer in an A.A./A.S. or who dual enroll at The College at Southeastern while completing a vocational degree/certification from a community college or transfer credit from an approved external partnership (options 1 and 2 and 4 above), must have all their credits transferred into The College at Southeastern prior to their final semester. Students will not be allowed to graduate unless the Registrar’s Office has received a final transcript with all the necessary vocational credits. This must be submitted to the Registrar’s office prior to the student’s final semester in which they intend to graduate.

Major - 45 Hours

Each student must select a major from those offered by The College at Southeastern. Current majors include:

Biblical Studies 
Christian Ethics 
Christian Worldview and Apologetics 
Global Studies  
Pastoral Ministry  
Student Ministry 

Free/Vocational Electives - 45 Hours

Elective hours must be used toward vocational training as outlined above in the program requirements. However, if a student pursues the Business Minor  or needs additional hours after transferring in vocational/certification hours to The College at Southeastern, those hours can be completed via free electives.

Total - 127 Hours

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