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Academic Catalog
    Jul 14, 2024  
Academic Catalog - Fall 2024 
Academic Catalog - Fall 2024

About Southeastern




Core Competencies

Articles of Faith

Affirmed Statements


Statement on Accreditation

Disclaimer Statements & Student Complaints




Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is an institution of higher learning and a Cooperative Program entity of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary affirms the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. We covenant to teach in accordance with and not contrary to the Abstract of Principles  and the Baptist Faith and Message . We further affirm the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy  and Danvers Statement  on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

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Core Competencies

To equip students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission, the Southeastern Faculty builds curricula and courses, drawing upon the great tradition of Christian orthodoxy and our Baptist heritage, to develop the following core competencies so that Southeastern graduates:

Spiritual Formation

Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue an authentically Christian way of life, manifested by trust in God, obedience to Christ’s commands, love of God and neighbor, and committed to the global mission.

Biblical Exposition

Demonstrate the ability to properly and effectively interpret, apply, and communicate the Scriptures.

Theological Integration

Demonstrate the ability to understand and apply the doctrines of Christianity to life and ministry.

Ministry Preparation

Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and Christian disposition necessary for ministry and leadership in the church and among the nations. 

Critical Thinking and Communication

Demonstrate the ability to think critically, argue persuasively, and communicate clearly.

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Articles of Faith

The Bible is the Word of God written, and alone is inspired and authoritative for faith and practice. Baptists have often formed confessions of faith to affirm the central teachings of Scripture. Two articles of faith are affirmed by the Board of Trustees and faculty at Southeastern. The Abstract of Principles  is the oldest doctrinal confession approved by Southern Baptists. It was composed by Basil Manly, Jr., in 1858. The Baptist Faith and Message  is the most recent confession adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention.

Since Southeastern’s founding in 1950, each elected member of the faculty has publicly signed the Abstract of Principles at the beginning of his or her teaching career at the Seminary. Currently, Southeastern’s faculty members also publicly sign and affirm the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Affirmed Statements

In addition to our articles of faith, Southeastern further subscribes to other documents that clarify our beliefs on critical issues of our day. The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy  reflects Southeastern’s commitment to biblical authority. The Danvers Statement   addresses the issue of biblical manhood and womanhood. One Faith, One Trust, One Sacred Task  is an expression of commitment to the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention on the part of the six Southern Baptist Seminaries, which includes Southeastern.

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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is an educational institution of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The Seminary is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by the SBC. Trustees elect the President, President’s Cabinet, and the Faculty. Trustees also approve the budget, official documents, and personnel policies as well as authorize legal transactions, academic policies and administrative guidelines for the school. The Seminary receives a major part of its operating expenses from the SBC Cooperative Program. These funds are supplemented by student fees and special gifts from alumni and friends. The College at Southeastern is a school of the Seminary that offers primarily undergraduate programs.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of 30 members who are elected by the Southern Baptist Convention and are charged with the control and governance of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Inc. The chief function of the board is to establish the policy concerning the operation of the seminary and approve the academic programs offered by the school. Not only must the board know and understand the objectives of the Seminary, but they must also interpret, clarify, and apply that understanding to current conditions of the school as well as help others to understand these policies, programs, and standards.

Though meeting formally on the Seminary campus only twice a year, individual members of the board make it a point to become personally involved in Seminary life all year. Working out of their love for the seminary, trustees serve as recruiters, fundraisers, and prayer warriors for the benefit of Southeastern and the Kingdom of God.

Click here for a list of the current Trustees.        

Southeastern Society

The Southeastern Society was established: (a) to provide a means by which friends of the Seminary can assist in fulfilling its purpose of glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission; (b) to assist by providing and securing financial resources for the opportunities and needs of the Seminary; (c) to share Southeastern with friends, business acquaintances, and the larger Southern Baptist family; (d) to assist in the recruitment of students by encouraging individuals who are seeking to prepare for ministry to consider attending Southeastern Seminary, and (e) to assist in the overall development program of the Seminary. (The Southeastern Society was formerly known as the Board of Visitors.)

President Daniel L. Akin

Dr. Daniel L. Akin became the sixth president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on January 15, 2004. He also serves as Professor of Preaching and Theology. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Criswell College in 1980, Akin went on to earn both a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1983 and a Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1989. Before arriving at SEBTS, Akin was Vice President for Academic Administration and Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He previously served at Southeastern as Assistant Professor of Theology and Dean of Students from 1992-1996, and as the Dean of Students and Professor of New Testament, Theology, and Church History at The Criswell College from 1988-1992.

Visit for free resources from Dr. Akin.

President’s Cabinet
Daniel L. Akin


Ryan R. Hutchinson

Executive Vice President for Operations

Charles Edward Lawless, Jr.

Vice President for Spiritual Formation and Ministry Centers
Dean of Doctoral Studies
Director of Center for Pastoral Preaching and Leadership

Mark D. Liederbach

Vice President for Student Services/Dean of Students

R. Scott Pace

Dean of Graduate Studies

Jonathan Six

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Seth Bible

​Vice President for Undergraduate Studies
Dean of the College at Southeastern

Administrative Council

Bradley Boak
Director of Housing & Facilities Support

John Burkett
Director of Writing Center

Tate Cockrell
Director of DMin Studies & EdD Studies

Keelan Cook
Director of the Center for Great Commission Studies

Kevin Conner
Director of Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing

Anna Daub
Director of Global Theological Initiatives

Drew Davis
Director of Financial Development

Dan Dennen
Director of Media Services

John Ewart
Associate Vice President of Global Theological Initiatives & Ministry Centers

Jason Fowler
Director of Library

Jonathan Goforth
Director of Admissions

Drew Ham
Associate Vice President for Student Life
Associate Dean of Students for Men

Bryce Hantla
Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness

George Harvey
Director of Planned Giving
Staff Counsel

Jake Hatfield
Director of College Life

Chris Hlavacek
Associate Vice President of Finance

Minwoo Jang
Director of East Asian Leadership Development

Wayne Jenks
Director of IT

Steven McKinion
Director of PhD Studies

Will Johnston

Stephen Kalbaugh
Director of General Construction & Grounds

Benjamin Quinn
Director of the Center for Faith and Culture

Matt Koser
Director of Graduate Life

Beau Landers
Director of Distance Learning & EQUIP

Mike Lawson
Director of Campus Security

Robert Lee
Director of Assessment and Accreditation

Rick Martens
Director of Accounting

Rebecca Pate
Director of Communications

David Phillips
Director of Financial Aid

Chuck Quarles
Director of the Center for Text and Translation

Kambiz Saghaey
Director of Persian Leadership Development

Ricardo Sanchez
Director of Hispanic Leadership Development

Dawn Satterwhite
Director of HR

Jeremy Smith
Director of Events

Chris Thompson
Associate Vice President of Academic Administration

Travis Williams
Associate Vice President of Facilities

Rocky Wright
Director of Prison Programs

Faculty Profile

View a profile of Southeastern’s faculty.  

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Statement on Accreditation

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the College at Southeastern are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees. Questions about the accreditation of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the College at Southeastern may be directed in writing to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097, by calling (404) 679-4500, or by using information available on SACSCOC’s website ( The seminary has been accredited by SACS since 1978.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

Here is the list of degrees which ATS has accredited for SEBTS:

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  • Master of Arts in Christian Education (MA in Christian Education)
  • Master of Arts in Christian Education with Biblical Counseling (MACE with Biblical Counseling)
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (MA in Biblical Counseling)
  • Master of Arts in Church Planting (MA in Church Planting)
  • Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (MA in Ministry Leadership)
  • Master of Arts in Christian Marital, Family, and Individual Counseling (MA in Christian Marital, Family and Individual Counseling)
  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry [Mentored] (MA in Christian Ministry)
  • Master of Arts in Church Revitalization (MA in Church Revitalization)
  • Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Counseling (MA in Cross-Cultural Counseling)
  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MA in Intercultural Studies)
  • Master of Arts in Ministry to Women (MA in Ministry to Women)
  • Master of Arts in Student Ministry (MA in Student Ministry)
  • Master of Arts in Worship Ministry (MA in Worship Ministry)
  • Master of Arts Apologetics and Christian Philosophy (MA Apologetics and Christian Philosophy)
  • Master of Arts Biblical and Theological Studies (MA Biblical and Theological Studies)
  • Master of Arts Biblical Languages (MA Biblical Languages)
  • Master of Arts Biblical Studies (MA Biblical Studies)
  • Master of Arts Christian Studies (MA Christian Studies)
  • Master of Arts Ethics, Theology, and Culture (MA Ethics, Theology, and Culture)
  • Master of Arts New Testament (MA New Testament)
  • Master of Arts Old Testament (MA Old Testament)
  • Master of Arts Philosophy of Religion (MA Philosophy of Religion)
  • Master of Education (MEd)
  • Master of Theological Studies (MTS)
  • Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
  • Doctor of Education (EdD)
  • Master of Theology (ThM)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The Commission’s contact information is:

The Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada
10 Summit Park Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Telephone: 412-788-6505
Fax: 421-788-6510

The seminary has been accredited by ATS since 1958 and by SACSCOC (formerly SACS) since 1978.

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State Authorizations

North Carolina Licensure Statement

Degree program(s) of study offered by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary have been declared exempt from the licensure under provisions of North Carolina General Statutes (G.S.) 116-15(d) for exemption from licensure with respect to religious education. Exemption from licensure is not based upon any assessment of program quality under established licensing standards. 

Commonwealth of Virginia Licensure Statement

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is a religious institution exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The State of Florida

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is a religious organization approved to offer Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees in the state of Florida.

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Biannual Academic Catalog Revision and Publication Policy


To ensure timely, accurate, and properly authorized changes for the biannual revision of the catalog and its publication.


A. Curriculum changes (e.g., degrees, courses, etc.) will be documented and submitted to the Registrar’s Office (via the Provost’s Office) after approval has been received from the Academic Council, Faculty, and Board of Trustees. The Registrar is to certify the correctness of the catalog. Documentation to support all changes to the catalog’s curricula will be maintained in the office of the Provost and the Registrar for reasonable periods in accordance with guidelines established.

B. Academic Policy changes (e.g., Admissions procedures, transfer credit, etc.) will be made by the Registrar’s Office upon approval from the Cabinet (if necessary), the appropriate Dean, and the Director of the institutional department which implements or enforces the policy.

C. Editorial Changes may be recommended by any employee directly to the Registrar. The Registrar will ensure appropriate coordination and determine if additional approvals are necessary. Editorial changes include typos or minor changes that do not alter course content, title, credit hours, prerequisites, or co-requisites. Editorial changes will be used to clarify, simplify, or improve the description for the benefit of the students. Additional statements may be added to help interpretation and improve catalog readability.


A. The Registrar, under the general direction of the Provost, is responsible for the biannual revision of the catalog and will accept approved change requests, maintain documentation supporting changes, and initiate all editorial changes.

B. Following internal approvals via the Academic Council and the Faculty, the Provost’s Office will compile all academic policy (if applicable) and curricular policy changes and ensure institutional and, when required, Board of Trustee approval before forwarding to the Registrar for inclusion in the next catalog revision.

C. After Board approval, the Registrar’s Office will publish the changes in the new academic catalog. This process is biannual; the Board will meet in April and October of each year to vote on academic changes. Changes approved in April will be published in the subsequent Fall academic catalog and changes approved in October will be published in the subsequent Spring academic catalog.

D. Once the new catalog has been published, students will be able to access the catalog in digital format on Southeastern’s website. When applicable, important changes such as curriculum revisions or additions will be communicated to students via the Registrar’s Office and/or the Communications Office.

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Disclaimer Statements & Student Complaints

This catalog sets forth Seminary policies as of the date of publication. Southeastern reserves the right to make such changes in educational and financial policy as the Seminary’s faculty, administration and/or Board of Trustees may deem consonant with sound academic and fiscal practice. The Seminary has made a good faith effort to avoid typographical errors and other mistakes in the statements of policy as published in this catalog. In any case, erroneous catalog statements do not take precedence over properly adopted policies.

Moreover, the degree programs offered by this institution are not guaranteed to produce the necessary qualifications for licensure or ordination to the ministry in any church, denomination, or religious group. Theological education does support ordained ministries, but students are responsible for contacting and approaching church leaders to discover the role Seminary degrees may play in the overall preparation and qualifications for specific ministries.

Further, the Seminary reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from enrollment at any time.


Student Complaints:

The State Authorization Unit of the University of North Carolina System Office serves as the official state entity to receive complaints concerning post-secondary institutions that are authorized to operate in North Carolina. If students are unable to resolve a complaint through the institution’s grievance procedures, they can review the Student Complaint Policy (PDF) and submit their complaint using the online complaint form at 

For more information contact: 

North Carolina Post-Secondary Education Complaints 
223 S. West Street, Suite 1800 
Raleigh, NC 27603 

Phone: (919) 962-4550

To file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the North Carolina Department of Justice, please visit The State Attorney General’s web page at: North Carolina residents may call (877) 566-7226. Outside of North Carolina, please call (919) 716-6000. En Espanol (919) 716-0058. 

If you choose to mail a complaint, please use the following address: 

Consumer Protection Division Attorney General’s Office Mail Service Center 
9001 Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

Any individual seeking to wage a grievance against Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary regarding a possible violation of the Principles of Accreditation of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC), the Core Requirements, and policies or procedures, as well as to address possible violations of the institution’s own policies and procedures, if related to the latest edition of the Principles of Accreditation of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, is encouraged to contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness for a copy of the latest edition of Complaint Procedures Against the Commission or its Accredited Institutions. Complaints against Southeastern, regarding issues related to the Principles of Accreditation, filed in accordance with the SACSCOC procedure are filed in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

All other student grievances are filed in accordance with the latest edition of the Student Handbook.