Jun 01, 2023  
Academic Catalog - Spring 2023 
Academic Catalog - Spring 2023 [ARCHIVED]

Social Studies

The major in Social Studies is designed for students who intend to earn a license to teach History/Social Studies in public secondary schools. Graduates of this program are expected to enroll in and complete the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree from one of our partner schools. A student will not be eligible to earn a teaching license without completing the MAT degree.

*Note: Students seeking a teaching license or a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) are encouraged to take a Developmental Psychology course and a Macroeconomics course as part of their elective hours. These courses can be completed at an accredited institution and transferred to the College at Southeastern.

BA Core - 49 Hours

General Studies (16)

History of Ideas (12)

World History (6)

Math/Science (3)

Choose one of the following courses:

BA Language Options - 6 Hours

Choose one pair of the following courses:

Latin (6)

Spanish (6)

Christian Studies Minor - 24 Hours

Christian Studies Requirements (21)

Book Study Selective (3)

Choose one of the following courses:

Social Studies Major - 30 Hours

Social Studies (6)

American History (6)

History Selectives (12)

Select any four courses with the HIS prefix (3000 or 4000-level).

BA General Electives - 18 Hours

In addition to a selected major and a Christian Studies minor, all baccalaureate students must complete at least 18 hours in additional courses, which may be applied toward a second major or a second minor. In order to graduate, baccalaureate students must complete at least 127 credit hours. Any hours remaining after the student’s major and the Christian Studies minor may be used as free electives.

Total Hours - 127