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Academic Catalog
    Apr 19, 2024  
Academic Catalog - Spring 2024 
Academic Catalog - Spring 2024

Pastoral Ministry

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The Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministry introduces students to the knowledge and skills central to the work of pastors through classes in pastoral ministry, discipleship, counseling, and Bible exposition. The program is designed to begin the formation of the student’s life for pastoral ministry, and to relate this discipline to the core teachings and practices of Christianity.

B.S. Core - 43 Hours

General Studies (16)

English (9)

Great Books (12)

History (3)

Select one of the following courses:

Math (3)

B.S. Major Core - 24 Hours

B.S. Pastoral Ministry - 21 Hours

Bible Exposition (6)

Mentored Internship (6)

B.S. Elective Options - 39 Hours

Elective hours must be used toward vocational training as outlined in the program requirements (Bachelor of Science with Vocational Electives or Business Minor ). However, if a student pursues the Business Minor  or needs additional hours after transferring in vocational/certification hours to The College at Southeastern, those hours can be completed via free electives. Please ensure that you communicate with the Registrar’s Office which of the vocational requirement options you are pursuing.


Continuous Enrollment

If a student is not actively enrolled in classes at Southeastern for a year, their account will become inactive. In order to avoid this if pursuing vocational electives elsewhere, students must be enrolled in a Continuous Enrollment course. Students should inform the Registrar’s Office ( when they are taking elective courses elsewhere and not actively taking courses at Southeastern.

Required B.S. Electives (21)

Select any twenty-one hours of undergraduate courses:

  • ***1*** - Free Elective
  • ***2*** - Free Elective
  • ***3*** - Free Elective
  • ***4*** - Free Elective

Vocational Electives (18)

Eighteen hours that are completed in a vocation and transferred into the College at Southeastern. Reminder students can fulfill this Vocational requirement by either: (1) transfering into The College at Southeastern with a “tent-making” A.A./A.S. degree from a community college; or (2) dual enrolling at The College at Southeastern and a community college in order to receive theological and vocational training at the same time; students must provide documentation from the community college outlining the vocational degree or certification requirements they will be pursuing.

  • ***1*** - Vocational Elective
  • ***2*** - Vocational Elective
  • ***3*** - Vocational Elective
  • ***4*** - Vocational Elective

Total Hours - 127

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