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Academic Catalog 2012-2013 
Academic Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED]

Diplomas and Certificates

Christian Studies Program

The Christian Studies Program helps to prepare students who desire training for ministry in the local church but who are not pursuing a full-time ministry position. The program offers three levels of certification: the Certificate of Christian Studies (12 semester hours), the Advanced Certificate of Christian Studies (24 semester hours), and the Diploma in Christian Studies (36 semester hours).

Women’s Studies Program

The following certificates and diplomas are offered through the Biblical Women’s Institute:

Certificate in Women’s Studies 9 classes
Advanced Certificate in Women’s Studies 12 classes
Diploma in Women’s Studies 15 classes
Certificate in Women’s Studies with International Missions 8 classes

The Biblical Women’s Institute (BWI) is designed for women who are preparing for Christian service in their homes as well as through local churches or other ministry settings. BWI includes credit-only programs which offer courses that are both practical and personally enriching. All women are invited to enroll. There are no prerequisites to enter the program. A majority of women in the program are seminary wives, but lay women are encouraged to take courses as well. BWI also offers a program for women who are planning to serve overseas alongside their husbands who are in the International Church Planting degree.

The Women’s Life Office may be reached by email at womenslife@sebts.edu or by phone at (919) 761-2340 for more information on the Biblical Women’s Institute.



Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Women’s Studies